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Welcome to Quick Staff, a  team of dedicated professionals that link Danish companies to EU workers for mutual benefit. If you need an extra pair of hands just write us an e-mail us know about what and when:

We are a Danish company operating in Denmark for 20 years. Every year we employ over 1,000 people from Eastern Europe

We specialize in what we do - typically work in teams of 2 to 5 - getting to you in one van. Apart from our specialized  teams, we have a large candidate pool of temp workers who are less experienced, but ready to start working right away. They’re pre-screened and pre-approved for your convenience. So instead of having to go through a long recruitment process, you can get seasonal employees on site in just a few days. And because these guys and girls are pre-selected, you’ll know that they will need minimal training. 

Seasonal Farmworkers

Finding and hiring the right number of employees, at the right time is key to success. Add or deduct support on an as-needed basis, without having to pay for full-time salaries or make painful layoffs. When you only need temporary workers for a short amount of time, it isn’t worth permanently hiring on new full-time employees that you won’t need in a month or two down the line. Taking on seasonal employees can help you get the same work done for a lower cost. Not only will this help your bottom line, but it’ll also make your employees happier. 

Christmass trees service

We have extensive experience in caring for Christmas trees. We deal with forming, nipping, topstop, labeling and everything else. Put your plantation in good hands regardless of the plantation size.

Painting & Renovations

Is it worth paying someone to paint your office, house, flat or farm? Definitely! Hiring a professional gives you higher quality paint job and it can save you both - time and cash. At Quick Staff you get exceptional quality value  for money. The price for an interior or exterior job relies on three factors, location, type of job and the painter's experience. 

Home & Office Cleaning

Imagine not having a single thing out of place and no speck of dust in sight.  Our services provide you with people who take care of the whole cleaning and tidying for you. They are your fairy godmothers and godfathers in business so to speak, ready to make your dreams of having the cleanest home or office come true, but unlike any other services, they come with no heavy price tag

Garden Maintenance

Sometimes gardens just get out of control. If a messy back yard is something  you don't feel like dealing with we can get the job done on you belhaf.  Due to the way we work, we are able to cover a large area with our garden teams.  Our services are;  Lawn Mowing, Lawn Cutting, Hedge Trimming, Hedge Cutting and Pruning, Garden Clearance and Tidy Ups,  Driveway Cleaning (Jet Washing / Pressure Washing).

Temp to Perm

Hiring new workers is always risky. You can make hiring mistakes and end up with bad hires that don’t work out. This can hurt your bottom line due to the time and money that went into recruiting, onboarding, and training. At Quick Staff, you can simply request a new temp if one isn’t meeting your needs. You have absolutely no commitment to keeping seasonal employees who aren’t working out. Use Temp-to-perm strategy - that reduce the risk of bad hires by putting a candidate to the test in real-world conditions to see how they perform with the existing team. - vikarbureau  Customer service: +45 29 26 93 75
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